Hong Kong

Modern Metropolis is what best describes this city. Business people from all over the world mix with celebrities and fashionistas to gorge on the mystic extravaganza this city is known for.
As with the ambiance of this futuristic pearl of the Orient the surroundings of the club are modern, focused on innovative and ambitious design, while still holding on to the ancient cultural influences. You will be exposed to the mesmerizing mix of ancient and futuristic, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Price: €189.95 per person (based upon 200 persons, ex. tax)

Sounds & Entertainment

At a dinner in Hong Kong we want to entertain you in a different way, and so stimulate all your senses. Depending on your preferences we can deliver high quality superstars in a show only possible at TheBubbleClub. Our Hong Kong residents will set the mood with exquisite and carefully chosen music and performances. Choose your resident and a special DJ, the rest is in the package! To make the night complete, we have our BubbleClub Special Act to entertain you!

Powered by Vision AcousticsResident All-round DJ: Robert FeelgoodResident Club DJ Mike van LoonSinger: Chappel (USA)Saxophone: Ace on SaxBand: Studio 53


Sit down at one of our opium tables, Kitchen Deluxe will treat you well with their fine expertise on oriental fusion. They will present a spectacular dinner with live cooking elements and will show you what food can do to surprise! All this is to be enjoyed with exquisite food sitting or lying down, waited on by servants not on feet, but on knees; you will experience what it feels like to be a modern emperor.Hong Kong by Kitchen Deluxe

Beverages All inclussive

As with every event, everybody needs a good drink. And guess what? All drinks are included!

We delever in all our cities:

- draft Heineken or Jupiler  beer
- Culemborg Chenin Blanc 2011
- Culemborg Blanc de Noir 2011
- Wodka / Rum / Gin / Whiskey
- All regular soda's
- Normal and Sparkling water
- Orange Juice

Do you want extra's on the drinkmenu? See our districts for all upgrade options.


Chinese hospitality has elevated itself into a form of art, combine this with the Chinese eye for detail and you will understand the service level we will bring to you. Designer, top of the range and quality ways of enjoying life, only usually available to the rich, are created for you.

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Colors are of great importance to Chinese tradition; hence they are for this evening. Red is the ancient color of fire ,symbolizing good fortune and joy, whereas gold is the color of royalty and good luck. These colors paired with our service will make sure nothing is left to luck. As a colorful counterweight of the ancient tradition, we also have a modern piece of art: the Hong Kong symphony of light demonstrating the futuristic skills that make the skyline of Hong Kong like nowhere else in the world.

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When arriving at your event, you will see one thing which confirms you are in TheBubbleClub: our Bubbles Incl. Tower! This eyecatcher will be the center of your event, where the VIP Models Bubble Ladies will serve you a good glass of Astoria Lounge Rosé. The tower will be part of the dinner and evening which will provide very special treatment of your guests.

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