Barcelona, the second city of Spain and capital of culture, architecture and pintxos. The pleasant climate and geographic position of the city make it a popular place for many Europeans to relax. This city is a free haven of free minds and spirits. So the biggest artists and architects have come here for centuries. We placed our club in the middle of the old harbour area.

Price: €159.95 per person (based upon 200 persons, ex. tax)

Sounds & Entertainment

Your event will be supported by our Barcelona residents who will provide you with the warmest sounds. The cultural mix in Barcelona is represented in our choice of residents, thus making it possible to serve you the Barcelona warmth in different styles befitting your event. The combination of DJs and live entertainment ensembles are typical for the Barcelona vibe. Choose your resident and the rest is in the package! To make the night complete, we have our BubbleClub Special Act to entertain you!

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Resident All-round DJ: Martin DamenResident Club DJ: Quinten de RozarioSpecial DJ: Tom de NeefSinger: Miss BuntySaxophone: Ace on Sax


Hot Kitchen will provide our club with mood food to chill and enjoy, inspired by all the great food Barcelona has to offer. Focusing on creating a great sensation involving all the senses East West will create a dinner concept based on your event, location and total concept with the best ingredients befitting the atmosphere.Barcelona by Hot Kitchen

Beverages All Inclusive

As with every event, everybody needs a good drink. And guess what? All drinks are included!

We delever in all our cities:

- draft Heineken or Jupiler  beer
- Culemborg Chenin Blanc 2011
- Culemborg Blanc de Noir 2011
- Wodka / Rum / Gin / Whiskey
- All regular soda's
- Normal and Sparkling water
- Orange Juice

Do you want extra's on the drinkmenu? See our districts for all upgrade options.


A walk down the Ramblas, with its temperament, fashion and passion is an unforgettable experience. Our personnel, styled by our designers, are capable of service at the highest level required for TheBubbleClub Barcelona, and will serve you with the attitude of celebrating life!

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Barcelona is all about enjoying life, the weather, the relaxation, the architecture and its world renowned artists who have settled here for many decades. Our styling team is artistic with a trendy Barcelona feel. Think  in terms of trendy white with added Mediterranean colors plus palm trees and other tropical flora.
Loungerent will take care of The Bubble Club Barcelona. As leaders in quality and luxury designer furniture, they immediately make their guests feel that they really are in the vibrant heart of this cosmopolitan city.

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The “pièce de résistance”of our Bubble Club styling is our Bubbles Incl. Tower and the marvelous quality of sparkling wine! This eye-catcher will be the center of your event, where the VIP Models Cava Ladies will serve you a good glass of Musa Cava right from the astonishing Bubble Tower.

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