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0031-70 213 1435

Office The Hague / Post adres:
Thomsonlaan 41 //2565KZ // The Hague // The Netherlands

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Doggerstraat 20 // Amsterdam // 1086VG // The Netherlands

BTW NL850514708B01 // KvK NL52595056 // ABNamro 437805948

TheBubbleClub is a division of TwoGather


If you need us in case of emergency or need to contact our production: (customers only)

Call Barry Priem,   31 (0)6 385 044 63 or email

Terms of use

1. All quotes are free of obligation and may be retracted by TheBubbleClub at any time, except  during the two weeks following the given quote. An order is not final until receipt of a written confirmation from TheBubbleClub.
2.If an order is cancelled the client is obliged to pay a percentage of the hire price:                                                                                                                   
      i. More than 31 days in advance: free  
      ii. Between 31 days and 14 days in advance : 50%
      iii. Between 14 days and 3 days in advance : 75% 
      iv. Less than 3 work days : 100%

       b. Specific costs made on behalf of the customer such as specific tailor made development of materials, concepts, and services, production of decor, furniture and other production materials or products bought on behalf and request of the client/customer always have to be paid even in case of cancelation, regardless of when the contract was canceled.
       c. Events ordered within the margin period can only be canceled based on discussed and clearly written rules, regulations and deal makings prior to signing.  
3. TheBubbleClub only offers its products and services to parties recognised in the company register and known  to be credit worthy. Private clients must identify themselves with a valid indentity card and a recent bank statement with the same address as the identity card.
4. TheBubbleClub has the right to ask for a deposit, and without this preliminary payment the goods will not be provided.
5. TheBubbleClub will not be responsible for any loss or damages caused during transport arranged by the client himself.
6. TheBubbleClub is obliged to deliver the goods after having confirmed the order, except  in the case of a recognised  and proven circumstance out of its control, as specified in article 7.
7. TheBubbleClub is not responsible and does not have to complete the agreement if the hired goods are not available  due to unforseen circumstances. They are also not responsible  if the goods cannot be delivered  on time or not at all due to negligence on the part of the previous client.
8. If the situation in point 6 should arise TheBubbleClub will endeavour to find a reasonable solution in consultation with the client within the specified budget and agreed payment.
9. The client is responsible for any loss or damage to the goods during rental, whatever the cause. If such a situation should arise the rental plus replacement or repair costs will be charged to the client.
10. TheBubbleClub must deliver the goods as they are shown on the website, during presentation or in the showroom and must also ensure that they are delivered  undamaged. If  any material is damaged in any way or in any way  detrimental to the experience of the event itself, The BubbleClub must repair or replace the material before the event and repay any costs made  by credit note.
11.  The rented goods  must be used according to the agreement. All instructions in the accompanying documents and handbook should be flollowed.
12. The goods must be  checked when delivered. Any complaints must be made known to TheBubbleClub on the day of delivery. Later complaints will not be accepted.
13. TheBubbleClub is not responsible for damage caused to a third party whilst using the hired goods.
14. The client is contractually and legally responsible for products and services from the moment they are delivered until their return to the lessor. During this period the client releases the lessor from any claims made against them concerning the hired goods by a third party.
15. The client must return the goods to TheBubbleClub in the same state as they were received within the expiry of the agreed rental duration. If the goods are not returned within this time extra costs will be charged for each day or part of a day.
16. The lessor is obliged when requested to give direct access to the rented goods during the rental period, in which case TheBubbleClub will endeavour not to disrupt the event and to solve any problems unobtrusively during the event or with discretion after the event with eventual further costs.
17. The client must inform TheBubbleClub of confiscation, bankruptcy or  suspension of payment or  any other effect which  may damage the right of ownership of TheBubbleClub. The client must keep the curator or administrator informed of the rental agreement between parties.
18. The client must immediately report any loss, theft or fire damage to the police and inform TheBubbleClub.
19. Repairs to goods may only be carried out by TheBubbleClub.
20. If the client does not observe payment or other obligations or does not return the hired goods on time or at all TheBubbleClub will, with advance warning, take further action to protect its own product, service  and future whereby the actions of the client will be made public via the  therefore established bodies or parties.
21. With regard to a form of delivery outside the agreed conditions TheBubbleClub and the client must refer to Dutch law and legallly specified general  conditions of agreement.
22. These conditions are part of the co-operative agreement  made by the Key Partners of TheBubbleClub as stated on and  therefore all the partners of TheBubbleClub and only in the case of TheBubbleClub are subject to the conditions of TheBubbleClub as such.


 Disclaimer English
Ownership- and User rights
Unless stated differently, all rights, including intelectual property, are reserved by TwoGather, owner and manager TheBubbleClub
The website visitor is in regards to TheBubbleClub and all it's information only allowed to browse through TheBubbleClub website and reproduce the information for personal use only by copying the information to a hard disk or CD-Rom/DVD. The information is never to be used for business; or for personal use in group perspective.
In no circumstances is the information allowed to be alterd in any form, shape or way. Images are not allowed to be used without permission and without guiding information. No information, design, images or any other element of TheBubbleClub website is to be used in any form, shape or way in another website, frame or hard copy frame.
Any visitor and/or third party is not allowed, and if then only through a hyperlink, to place a link, hyperlink, deeplink or gateway between Addrental or any other (internet) site, (meta) search engine or computer network without a prior written consent of TwoGather.
Any other usage or form of use, besides the ones explicitly described above, is not allowed in any circumstance. All rights not clearly or explicitly mentioned in this website terms, are reserved.
In case of usage or reproduction contrary to these terms and conditions the infringing party will be held accountable and without prior notice charged with a  € 5.000,=. fine. The infringing party has to cease the infringement immediately and will be charged, after being noticed by TwoGather, an additional € 250,- fine for each day the infringement continues.
Never is this information to be used to create a similar product with similar product information, or are any of the involved suppliers and partners to be approached for similar partnerships and deals.

Disclaimer Dutch
Eigendom- en Gebruikersrechten
Tenzij anders aangegeven, berusten alle rechten, waaronder alle rechten van intellectueel eigendom bij Lost in Creation. , beheerder van Bubbles Incl.
De Bezoeker is ten aanzien van Bubbles Incl. en de informatie slechts bevoegd de site van Bubbles incl. door te bladeren en de informatie voor strikt persoonlijk gebruik te reproduceren door deze te printen of te downloaden naar een harde schijf of een cdrom/dvd.
De Informatie mag op geen enkele wijze worden aangepast en afbeeldingen mogen niet afzonderlijk van de begeleidende tekst worden gebruikt. Geen enkel deel van de Bubbles Incl. site mag worden opgeslagen of gereproduceerd in een andere website of worden geframed.

De Bezoeker of een derde mag niet, anders dan door middel van een hyperlink, zonder voorafgaande toestemming van Bubbles Incl. een koppeling, deep link of gateway aanbrengen tussen Addrental en enige andere (internet) site, (meta) search engine of computer netwerk
Ieder ander gebruik dan hiervoor aangegeven, is niet toegestaan. Alle rechten die niet uitdrukkelijk in deze site-voorwaarden zijn verleend, zijn voorbehouden.
Bij gebruik of reproductie in strijd met deze bepalingen zal de inbreuk makende partij zonder aanmaning of andere voorafgaande verklaring een boete verschuldigd zijn van € 5.000,=. De inbreuk makende partij dient zijn inbreuk makende handelingen direct te staken en is voor elke dag dat deze inbreuk voortduurt, na hiervan door Bubbles Incl. op de hoogte te zijn gesteld, bovenop de voorgaande boete een bedrag verschuldigd van € 250,-.
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